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1gang 2way dimmer switch function part,200W

1gang 2way dimmer switch function part,200W

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2-Way Dimmer Switch. No need neutral wire. Supports 200W max. dimmable bulb, AC 110-240V. The LED adapter in products will effectively prevent 99.9% of the flickering problem when dimming LED light. 20% – 90% Dimming: Touch and hold the circle area to dim up. Release and hold again to dim down. If touch the circle area and release quickly, work as on or off. Brightness memory function will remember and turn back on to the last light setting when powered off. 2-Way & 1-Way Application: Using it as 2-way or 1-way switch to control the light from 1 or 2 locations. Replace one of your traditional 2-way switch with our CNBINGO 2-way switch or use 2 CNBINGO 2-way switches to control the light from 2 locations. Touch Control & LED Backlight: Tempered glass touch screen design,40ms high-speed touch-sensitive response. Strong/weak blue indicator shows the on/off clearly, easy to find in darkness, but zero-impact on sleep. Low power consumption and long service life.


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