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1gang 2way touch switch function part,1000W/gang

1gang 2way touch switch function part,1000W/gang

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4mm toughened glass panel, 1.35mm iron frame and PC base 
Load power
3-1000W/gang, total 2000W
Work temperature
Mechanical Life
100,000 on-off times
Panel size
86*86mm,86*157mm,86*228mm,86*299mm available
Capability allowance
round base,suitable for both EU and UK

Our Advantages

1.test shows that our switch can work well even under 97% humidity.
2.strong anti-interference ability,test shows that our switch still work well under 100% interference conditions.
3.Good antistatic performance,test shows that our switch can work well under 30KV high voltage static electricity conditions.
4. product itself low power consumption 0.02W.
5.Our touch switch has function of automatic recognition whether there is load or not. For 2gang and 3gang touch switch, if there is no load or the lamp cannot work for one terminal, this terminal will be no power ( led back light not on if you touch it. switch much stable, one lamp on or off will never cause the other lamps flash), this function is first in the touch switch industry.
6.Top-grade PC plastic material. Cannot fire(Fire-resistant).
7.Modular design.Can match freely with frame and function parts. Easier to install.
8.backlight: the circle has blue backlight when light on, and has weak blue light(visable in dark) when light off.


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