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3gang 2way touch switch function part,1000W/gang,2000w total

3gang 2way touch switch function part,1000W/gang,2000w total

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This Tactile Switch is the ideal solution for making a change and providing a design touch to the light switches in your home. The glass cover is made of high quality and resistant materials. As these are capacitive switches we’ll just make contact with our finger and won’t have to press down. Buzzers are used for providing an electrical current for a short amount of time, like for example, to open a door. 2-Way switches allow us to control a single point of light from two different switches. They’re commonly used in hallways, where a switch can be placed at both the beginning and end, or also in bedrooms, one at the entrance and one at the bedside. In the installations, the live wire should pass through both switches before being connected to the light and also, both switches must be joined using wiring.

These switches are of the standard size and can be installed in any frame, although we recommend that they be installed in the glass frame that can be found in the accessories section for a more professional finish. This glass frame includes the elements necessary for being mounted into a universal back box.

*It’s recommendable to include an anti-flicker LED module, from the accessories section, in electrical LED installations which use switches that require a minimum charge such as classic switches, tactile switches, dimmer switches, switches with pilots and others.


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